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Prior to becoming publisher of Natural Awakenings Long Island, Martinsen found herself, laid off from her job as a pharmaceutical executive while struggling with a husband’s cancer diagnosis and a son’s rare epilepsy disorder. Her “house was on fire” and Martinsen describes that when one flame would go out another would pop up, “I was so busy putting out fires over the course of so many years that the chronic stress took its toll. I suffered my own personal health issues, went to numerous doctors and finally realized I felt the most healthy and calm when I would sit down to write my publisher letters each month". “Currently we are a society filled with binging behaviors, we binge food, T.V. shows and more” says Martinsen, who realized, others could benefit from slowing down, and writing their own letter to themselves.


You FIND yourself when you LOSE yourself and service

-author unknown

50% of author proceeds go to charity


Meet the Kelly

Kelly has always been aware that she feels better when helping others (don’t we all?). She has now made it her passion to help people slow down and live more conscious lives.  Recognizing all the things that opened up to her each month when she slowed down and wrote her letter she recognized that slowing down allowed her to have a career she was passionate about as Publisher of Natural Awakenings Long Island, a family and friends she loved and she also found time for  “sudden adventure”. Inspired by a few years of her own inspired living Martinsen set out to connect with others and help them slow down and take time to inspire themselves. The result, her new book A Year of Inspired Living.


Kelly McGrath Martinsen

Publisher, Author, Speaker, Actor, Paddle Surfer

As a Publisher, Author, Speaker (SAG Union Member) Martinsen is available for INSPIRATIONAL speaking engagements.

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Purchase A YEAR OF INSPIRED LIVING and discover a world of positive energy, law of attraction and the gift of gratitude.